For those of you who spent a few minutes counting cliches in the last column here is my (arguably) complete list. What’s the difference between a well worn common usage and a cliche?) That’s an editor’s call, but we all are editors at heart. Here’s my count. Genuine Cliches Everybody talks about [it] but nobody… Continue reading Cliches

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Why I drink: hating UPS

Tonight I’m having a Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux, (2001.) Okay, I will now admit something that will make strong men swoon, and bring the WCTU to my door. Sometimes I drink because it helps me unwind. There. I’ve said it. Here’s why I need to unwind tonight. I’m writing an article about bluetooth headsets, for… Continue reading Why I drink: hating UPS

John Gormley Live, Feb. /08

So here we are with new and vastly improved website (Thanks Tien!) In future the JG Live broadcasts will be available as podcasts here, as will all liquors/wines/beers/books recommended. Here’s Pt 1 of the last (February) broadcase. Podcasts must be broken down for ease of downloading