Ardbeg Kelpie: A thoroughly Modern Malt

Here’s the latest limited release from Ardbeg a thoroughly modern Scotch for the New World Order. Firstly, no age statement. Judging by the pale colour of the whisky I assume it is between 6 and 10 years. Distilleries are increasingly edging away from the traditional statement of age on the bottles. This if you haven’t… Continue reading Ardbeg Kelpie: A thoroughly Modern Malt

Solons and Colons

“…Part of the problem is the hot wine phenomena, which lives on, particularly in the US. Malbec is a product of the high plateau sunshine, and can easily attain 15 degrees alcohol and a sugar content that would make Mrs. Claus add them to her shortbread. In recent years, the current government decided to tax… Continue reading Solons and Colons