John Gormley Live, Feb. /08

So here we are with new and vastly improved website (Thanks Tien!) In future the JG Live broadcasts will be available as podcasts here, as will all liquors/wines/beers/books recommended. Here’s Pt 1 of the last (February) broadcase. Podcasts must be broken down for ease of downloading

a foggy foggy day

Barbecued turkey wings for dinner last night. Sairey went for the Wolfberger Tokay/Pinot Gris (Alsace). I went for the Black Tie Pinot Gris/Riesling. When that gave out we moved on to the Dopff au Moulin Riesling. We were in an Alsace mood. Different than German wines, different than New World treatment of the same grapes.… Continue reading a foggy foggy day