Rhubarb Vodka

LB (or Lucky Bastard) Distillery of Saskatoon has developed something of a niche in flavoured vodkas. Here’s a new fruit flavour that should warm the heart of every good prairie dweller – Rhubarb. Rhubarb makes great cocktails. It has a flavour that is tart, slightly bitter and goes well with strawberries and citrus. I made… Continue reading Rhubarb Vodka

The Joy of a Gin & Tonic

I recently bought a bottle of Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin. For those of you not paying attention, artisan small batch gins have been springing up everywhere. Pricing ranges from normal-ish (~$30) to absurd ($100+). Aviation gin from Oregon has a huge following in America, as do various other small batch gins. In fact I have… Continue reading The Joy of a Gin & Tonic

Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition

Here’s the lineup from today’s (Aug. 30/13) CTV Noon show with Jeff and Trish. I brought on the Paddockwood summer brews, their Weiss beer and the Yakima dry hopped IPA. I am an IPA guy as I said on the show, but they also make a DopleWeiss for those of you who are diehard Hoegarden… Continue reading Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition