Saskatchewan Cocktails

The various liqueurs available at LB Distillers has had me modifiying any number of traditional cocktail recipes. (cloudberry gimlet anyone?) Here’s a couple that I’ve been playing with that seem quite decent. Saskatoon Sunrise 2 Parts OJ 1 Part Gambit Gin a dollop of Saskatoon Liqueur You can drink it straight; I prefer it cut… Continue reading Saskatchewan Cocktails

Nancy G’s Famous Salmon Rub

For everyone who was at Premier luncheon yesterday, here’s the Salmon recipe I mentioned. In addition to being the President of a large national publisher, Nancy is an excellent cook. Here’s her recipe if you want to replicate the challenge in original form. She tells me she got the original from “The Girls Who Dish:… Continue reading Nancy G’s Famous Salmon Rub

Evolution of a Recipe

One of the more interesting things about cooking is the way some small tweaks can fundamentally change a recipe. My object in telling you all this is to encourage people to cook more and play around. You needn’t be a slave to The Recipe! It’s green bean time in most of the northern bits of… Continue reading Evolution of a Recipe

The Perfect Margarita?

So what makes a good margarita? Purists argue about everything, including the inclusion of the salt rime. For me I like one of two versions: Juice a lime, add a shot of reposado, either add a 1/3 shot of triple sec/cointreau/grand marnier OR twist a section of sweet orange into the drink. Shake over ice.… Continue reading The Perfect Margarita?