Eggnog and John Gormley Live

Okay here’s the link to Christmas Passion the eggnog I’ve made on air a couple of times. Two additional furbelows were suggested by listeners: The brandy/curacao/sherry eggnog marinated their yolks overnight in the booze, which would be well worth trying with any eggnog. She also whipped and folded in the eggwhites, which I consider optional… Continue reading Eggnog and John Gormley Live

Lousy Summer

You know the summer’s been bad for the crops when you see those eggplants. Those are the ONLY and BIGGEST eggplant available in the local farmers’ market. If you’re not a gardener, eggplant grow like zuchini, usually with way too many fruit. Controlling the size to get flavour is the challenge. Not this year up… Continue reading Lousy Summer

The Strawberry Daiquiri

It being that time of year, I made a genuine strawberry daiquiri. This isn’t the travesty you likely get in most bars. Like all good drinks it’s dead easy to make, taking about 3 minutes start to finish. The key of course is to use fresh ingredients, uncut by sulfites, sulfates, sugars and salt. I… Continue reading The Strawberry Daiquiri

The Goose Speaks

Had a conversation with Dimi Lezinska, Grey Goose’s mixologist and brand ambassador, this morning. The most surprising insight he offered is the rise of sherry as a cocktail ingredient. Both dry and Amontillado apparently.   Here’s the trendy drink du jour: – 1.25 oz Grey Goose l’Orange – 0.25 oz Grand Marnier – 0.50 oz… Continue reading The Goose Speaks