The Perfect Meal

Okay I’ve written much about stews and slow cooking elsewhere. The reason is I think such fare the perfect meals. Prep time is minimal. The food is ready whenever you are. They taste great. One of my favourites is Osso Bucco. This week I stumbled across the Ur-recipe, the Betty Crocker version of Osso Bucco.… Continue reading The Perfect Meal

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Malbec and Boar (and bore?)

Trapiche Malbec. Not so good. Not bad, but not so good. I’m working my way through a billion cheap wines for the January columns. I don’t mind the wine, but this wasn’t the best pairing. I think a jammy Australian Shiraz would work better. This pairing stuff is hard. But don’t fuss over it. The… Continue reading Malbec and Boar (and bore?)