Why I drink: hating UPS

Tonight I’m having a Grand Cru Classe Bordeaux, (2001.)

Okay, I will now admit something that will make strong men swoon, and bring the WCTU to my door.

Sometimes I drink because it helps me unwind.

There. I’ve said it.

Here’s why I need to unwind tonight.

I’m writing an article about bluetooth headsets, for MoneySense Magazine. (I recommend this mag for neophyte investors.)

This involves three different mfg’ers shipping me their headsets to test. They all shipped UPS.

One shipped overnight, and it got here right away. One shipped two day and it got here in a timely fashion. The last one shipped two day, and when it arrived in Saskatoon, it sat at the UPS depot for one week. This despite the package having both my and the shippers’ phone number on it.

I phone UPS. Head office sends off a stern email to deliver it. I phone UPS the next day, and tell them their stern email didn’t work.

No package. I phone them this AM and demand a supervisor. (this was done the previous day but they refused to allow me to talk to such an august personage.) He gets the package on a truck and to me around 2 PM.


Yeah, well now comes me shipping back the Bang & Olufsen Earset 2. A serious piece of eye candy, worth $225. B&O gives me their UPS account # to ship it on their account.

UPS however will not take on such business without my having an account. No problem. I open an account on line, fill out the paperwork.

They duly send me my log-in but no account number. And the form cannot be completed and the package shipped without both my account number and the payer/receiver.

I phone UPS customer service. (we are now talking about having spent maybe 4 hrs dealing with UPS this week. All non-billable time.) They can’t give me the number because it is too sensitive. She suggests sending the email back and asking for it. I do so.

I then drive to the UPS store thinking they will ship it on their account number as I have the receiver’s account number. Not on your life. Another half hour gone. Emails fly to mfg’er.

So far no reply to the email.

Tonight, I am REALLY looking forward to that Bordeaux.

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