Boutique Spirits and Micro-distilleries

If you spend any time wandering liquor stores you will have noticed three trends in the last two decades in the spirits world (Give me back my golden Gimlet!) The first was the gigantic wave of vodka, sold to the public seeking a brand that suited their “identity” and self-image. Sorry folks. Vodka is vodka.… Continue reading Boutique Spirits and Micro-distilleries

Scotch for the Holidays

So what’s a good brand of Scotch that doesn’t cost the earth? Hm. Good question, Kevin. Pretty much all Scotch is expensive these days. Diageo had to build a new distillery in Scotland – some 5 million gallons a year if I remember correctly – because of worldwide demand. (Scotch of course must be distilled… Continue reading Scotch for the Holidays