Chocolate and Red Wine

Here’s a chocolate maker, Brix, trying to tilt the chocolate towards wine. They succeed. It’s better than the sweeter commercial pairings to which I’ve been subjected. The suggested pairings here are: Milk Chocolate with Pinot Noir/Port [Ruby & Tawny I suspect]/Riesling/Icewine Medium Dark Chocolate (60%) with Merlot/Shiraz/Zinfandel/Rhone wine. (And this is the best pairing I’ve… Continue reading Chocolate and Red Wine

The Drink That Dare Not Speak its Name

So who out there likes sparkling shiraz? Who has ever tried the stuff? Produced in Australia since the 1830s, it took the country by storm in the last decade and is now the Oz aperitif of choice. This either proves they’re a bunch of red neck heathens, or possibly more willing to experiment than the… Continue reading The Drink That Dare Not Speak its Name

Odd Wines

I tried two new wines last night, Rico Suter Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot and Wyndam Estate Bin 525 Shiraz Grenache. Not sure what to make of the Suter wine (from S. Africa.) Firstly it’s 15% which is headed towards vermouth territory. Secondly they recommend serving at 16 degrees. I’m all in favour of this last idea.… Continue reading Odd Wines