Reds for Rogstad

These are the wines on CTV Noon today. – Vieille Ferme $13.50 – Perrin Reserve $17.19 – Marius Red $13.50 – Ogier Heritages $16.99 All of them are a great deal, much tastier than most wine at this price point. Voluptuous, sensual, these are wines asking to seduce you. Buy all four and pick your… Continue reading Reds for Rogstad

The Perfect Margarita?

So what makes a good margarita? Purists argue about everything, including the inclusion of the salt rime. For me I like one of two versions: Juice a lime, add a shot of reposado, either add a 1/3 shot of triple sec/cointreau/grand marnier OR twist a section of sweet orange into the drink. Shake over ice.… Continue reading The Perfect Margarita?

Desserts to sooth somebody

IF music soothes the savage breast, then why not drink what soothed the composers? Let’s start with Tokaj (pr. tow-kay). This was once a wine sought after by all wine lovers, and afforded only by royalty. A favourite of Beethoven, Schubert and Rossini (who was richer than royalty) Tokaj fell into disrepute under the communists… Continue reading Desserts to sooth somebody

Holiday Gift Ideas

Here’s the lineup from Jeff Rogstad today: Forty Creek Rye is missing from the picture. Any of them make great gifts. Under $15 – Pink: cheery easy drinking rose bubbly $35ish – Collazzi, french blends (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc) Italian grown. Incredibly nice structure, smooth balanced wine. And for less than price of a… Continue reading Holiday Gift Ideas