beers for summer

Here’s the beers featured on Rogstad. I’m a Pilsner Urquell guy myself, liking the clean sharp taste. Cracked Canoe is aimed at light and American beer drinkers.  (No surprise there.  Moosehead clearly sees their future as south of 49.) Great Western Pilsner is probably the best selling beer in the province, a Canadian style beer… Continue reading beers for summer

Cheap Wine for Winter!

  My bank account is appalling In debt I hate a-falling… Everybody loves a deal.  And under the current conditions it seems merely prudent to do so.  Here are three inexpensive wines that can get you through the freeze. In general all three nations offer great deals:  Spain, Portugal, and South Africa.  If you need… Continue reading Cheap Wine for Winter!

The Perfect Caesar

The key to a good drink is good ingredients. (God!  Sometimes I impress even myself with my wisdom.) In the case of cocktails this means making sure you have fresh, genuine, ingredients. Your basic Caesar recipe is:  3 parts Clamato 1 part Vodka squeeze of lemon dash of tabasco serve over ice. When three parts… Continue reading The Perfect Caesar