For those of you who spent a few minutes counting cliches in the last column here is my (arguably) complete list.

What’s the difference between a well worn common usage and a cliche?) That’s an editor’s call, but we all are editors at heart. Here’s my count.

Genuine Cliches

Everybody talks about [it] but nobody does anything.Therefore in this grave moment of national emergencyto step up to the plate andput my shoulder to the [wheel]

[nose to the] grindstone. (Should these count as one or two?)

the wind at my back.

Everybody take a deep breath and relax.

to lead the field down the homestretch.

In these troubled times

is something every voter can appreciate.

[Anti-globalization protestors ]have had their say.

Have hit [both California and Australia]where it hurts.

But can these newcomers take the heat?

[The tasting] proved beyond a shadow of a doubt …

there is a method to my madness

I know where the bodies are buried

White bread.

Lord knows how much …

you’ll only hit this mark in passing.

less is more

the [Canadian] Street.

Trite, over-used and maybe cliches

the liquidity crisisI feel it is my duty (might not be a cliche but I assume when I hear it, I’m about to hear BS)Finding us in times of trouble,I turned to Mother Mary (is evoking a 30 year old pop song a cliche?)

This not being particularly helpful

I took a different tack,

Anti-globalization protestors (The definition of an anti-globalization protestor is someone who likes Japanese cars, the beaches of Bali, and Australian surf wear, but thinks eating Argentinian Beef is wrong.)

the gold standard

Incapable of dunking. (Dodgy this one, apparently only a certain sub-group of jocks use it)

the gold standard (Again! Very sloppy writing! Also makes the count tricky does it count twice if it’s in there twice?

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