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Crowsnest Pass, about an hour w. of Pincher Creek
Crowsnest Pass, about an hour w. of Pincher Creek

Much as I’d like to report otherwise, the truth is once you’re in towns
smaller than about 150K population, your dining options are slight. (They
are also limited in many larger centers too.)

I tend to forget this until I’m on a driving holiday. I’m on my way to the
Okanagan for a biannual tour of the wineries. I called it a night in
Pincher Creek Alberta.

The Ramada is nice, if a touch more cash than I expected. But that gave me
hope for dining. It just might indicate a wealthier community, with the
disposable income to spend on dining out.

Alas, I ate at Luigi’s Pizza and Steakhouse which is probably the finest
dining spot in town. They had half bottles of valpolicella! Things were
looking up.

No. No halfs in stock.

What about re-corking? Um, well, we don’t actually know how to do that.
We’re trying to call the owner…

I ended up drinking a glass of Sawmill Creek, with the beef stirfry
(mislabeled as peppersteak.) The Sawmill Creek was worse than I remembered.
Would have been nice to have a napkin with my salad too.

I should have known better and ordered a gin on the rocks.

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