Scotch and Kinsmen

I was in Prince Albert with the Kinsmen, comparing and discussing single
malts, last week. This was a most enjoyable way to spend an evening.

I don’t drink a lot of booze these days: Wine occupies so much of my time,
and I only have one liver. However I’ve always loved Scotch going back to
when I was 18, and this tasting we revisited some of my faves.

The variation in the regions and the particular malts of course provoked
some dissension. Bowmore polarized the crowd, as Islay whiskies tend to do.
Oban however was discovered and re-discovered by several drinkers.

To my mind the most interesting part of the tasting was the Glenfiddich 18
and 21 year old whiskies. I’ve always adored the 18, thinking it is a great
addition to the Glenfiddich lineup, with complexities and hints of flavours
from the sherry finishing. I find I prefer my Scotch somewhere around the
15 -20 year old range. Past that, it seems to me to become more about the
wood than I care for.

Most of the room seemed to agree with me, however one Kinsmen made the
astute observation that the 21 was meant for drinking neat. Exceptionally
creamy with a rich choclatey finish, I think this assessment is bang on.

Personally I water my Scotch (purists may feel free to lecture me, just as
I’ll feel free to blow raspberries at them.) which may explain why the
geriatric Scotches are lost on me.

Despite my buying tendencies, the 21 is a truly exceptional drop.

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