Ardbeg Kelpie: A thoroughly Modern Malt

Here’s the latest limited release from Ardbeg a thoroughly modern Scotch for the New World Order. Firstly, no age statement. Judging by the pale colour of the whisky I assume it is between 6 and 10 years. Distilleries are increasingly edging away from the traditional statement of age on the bottles. This if you haven’t… Continue reading Ardbeg Kelpie: A thoroughly Modern Malt

Boutique Spirits and Micro-distilleries

If you spend any time wandering liquor stores you will have noticed three trends in the last two decades in the spirits world (Give me back my golden Gimlet!) The first was the gigantic wave of vodka, sold to the public seeking a brand that suited their “identity” and self-image. Sorry folks. Vodka is vodka.… Continue reading Boutique Spirits and Micro-distilleries

Caorunn Gin

Because every now and then a man needs a martini… Tried out Cao Runn (pr. kow-roon) gin today. This is a “scottish” gin, meaning like many boutique distillers they’ve changed up the botanicals for some locals and kept some imports of the London Dry. In this case the Juniper is dialled well back as is… Continue reading Caorunn Gin

Rhubarb Vodka

LB (or Lucky Bastard) Distillery of Saskatoon has developed something of a niche in flavoured vodkas. Here’s a new fruit flavour that should warm the heart of every good prairie dweller – Rhubarb. Rhubarb makes great cocktails. It has a flavour that is tart, slightly bitter and goes well with strawberries and citrus. I made… Continue reading Rhubarb Vodka