How to beat Inflation Shrinkflation this Christmas

La Vieille Ferme is exactly the kind of wine I buy a case of when I hit the holiday season. It is an excellent, drink with everything, drink every day, kind of wine. I’ve been drinking it from bottles for decades. Voila! They are now selling it in boxes. This is great news, for moderate… Continue reading How to beat Inflation Shrinkflation this Christmas

How Wine Tastings Have Gone Astray I’ve thought for a long time that most wineries have become tourist traps. The wine matters less and less, the destination experience for the casual consumer is what pays the bills. Consumers who are serious about wine, are left in the lurch, because the winery – despite all the training, all the staff –… Continue reading How Wine Tastings Have Gone Astray

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Sparkling or Soda?

I answered a question on Quora, mostly from memory the other day, and it led me to double check the differences between Club Sodas and Sparkling Waters. My contention is that sparkling water is generally a bottled mineral spring water, and therefore contains various trace minerals, but most usually sodium (Na) and calcium (Ca.) The… Continue reading Sparkling or Soda?

The Ultimate Coffee Info?

Okay, this may seem odd to put on a booze blog, but I have yet to meet a serious fan of the grain and grape to not also have an enormous affection for the greatest Arabic invention of all time: Coffee! I’ve been roasting and grinding the stuff for almost 40 years. (Dear God! I’m… Continue reading The Ultimate Coffee Info?

Solons and Colons

“…Part of the problem is the hot wine phenomena, which lives on, particularly in the US. Malbec is a product of the high plateau sunshine, and can easily attain 15 degrees alcohol and a sugar content that would make Mrs. Claus add them to her shortbread. In recent years, the current government decided to tax… Continue reading Solons and Colons