How to beat Inflation Shrinkflation this Christmas

By the bottle
By the Box (A Free Bottle!)

La Vieille Ferme is exactly the kind of wine I buy a case of when I hit the holiday season. It is an excellent, drink with everything, drink every day, kind of wine. I’ve been drinking it from bottles for decades.

Voila! They are now selling it in boxes. This is great news, for moderate drinkers – just have one glass with dinner – climate warriors – the carbon footprint of the box and shipping is less than a quarter of the wine in a bottle – and all the rest of us who just like to save a nickel.

I found the boxes at #yxe Coop Wine and Spirits. (NB. I don’t think the bottles are on sale at the moment.)


  1. Oodles of it. Cases and cases. It’s a typical Rhone table wine: mostly grenache, some syrah, and probably mourvedre. Some herbs and strawberries in the bouquet. Easy drinking dry red.

    Buy a bottle if you’re unsure, before buying the box. They are identical, just different packaging

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