Solons and Colons

“…Part of the problem is the hot wine phenomena, which lives on, particularly in the US. Malbec is a product of the high plateau sunshine, and can easily attain 15 degrees alcohol and a sugar content that would make Mrs. Claus add them to her shortbread.
In recent years, the current government decided to tax such awful stuff – well sort of. Not all of it of course. Just some we notice is over 14.5 per cent. Think of it as a random tax on Argentinian wine lovers. Hurrah for Big Brother. Next time you buy wine in Alberta hoist a bottle to Brad and the other the solons running Wally World. Your tax dollars are not going to work in Saskatchewan, but darned if our government isn’t full of the nicest guys anywhere.”
StarPhoenix, Wine column March 18, 2017

As regular readers will know I have a problem with table wine that runs over 15 per cent ABV. Dessert wine or cocktails, sure. (Both are drunk in smaller quantities than a typical 150 ml. glass of table wine.)

In any event I have been asked repeatedly what a ‘solon’ is. So here’s a quick definition.

Solon, n., Law maker, giver of wisdom. Pr. Rhymes with “colon” Like your colon, a solon is also often stuffed with shit, and given to making burbling noises signifying nothing, other than the presence of a bad smell.

ex. The Premier of Saskatchewan is a large and friendly solon, given to thoughtful rejection of sensible liquor sales regimes, and tax systems because he’s just so damn wise none of us understand.

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