CTV Noon and Eggnog

As I said on the air, I can’t convince some people to make their own eggnog from scratch. If you’re going to play around with the commercial stuff the two best liquors to use are dark rum (or substitute brown liquor of choice) and Kahulua. The Kahlua will add the vanilla and sugar. The rum the booze. I use them pretty much 1:1

If you want to try to make a real eggnog, it takes all of about 3 minutes, and a one-litre plastic container.

Here are all the recipes. You can adjust the sugar and sweetness to suit yourself. As you can see I use 1/3 of the sugar, and skim milk and it still tastes fine. And the Kinsmen of P.A., doubters to a man endorse this recipe.

The Christmas Passion Eggnog, all versions

And if you didn’t get a look at the beers I brought on, here they are.
Bullrush Barley wine (Mano’s on 22nd)
Innis & Gun Bourbon cask (widely available)
Momus Dark from Italy (Coop)
Heartstopper Christmas Stout (Paddockwood)

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