Ardbeg Kelpie: A thoroughly Modern Malt

Here’s the latest limited release from Ardbeg a thoroughly modern Scotch for the New World Order. Firstly, no age statement. Judging by the pale colour of the whisky I assume it is between 6 and 10 years. Distilleries are increasingly edging away from the traditional statement of age on the bottles. This if you haven’t… Continue reading Ardbeg Kelpie: A thoroughly Modern Malt

Whisky Age

I recently tried a bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask. It struck me as strange in that it had no date statement, as is usual in single malts. I guessed that the use of a smaller volume cask resulted in faster aging. Here’s what the brand manager responded. If you’re a scotch drinker, and somebody who… Continue reading Whisky Age

Scotch for the Holidays

So what’s a good brand of Scotch that doesn’t cost the earth? Hm. Good question, Kevin. Pretty much all Scotch is expensive these days. Diageo had to build a new distillery in Scotland – some 5 million gallons a year if I remember correctly – because of worldwide demand. (Scotch of course must be distilled… Continue reading Scotch for the Holidays