Caorunn Gin

caorunn martiniBecause every now and then a man needs a martini…

Tried out Cao Runn (pr. kow-roon) gin today. This is a “scottish” gin, meaning like many boutique distillers they’ve changed up the botanicals for some locals and kept some imports of the London Dry. In this case the Juniper is dialled well back as is the citrus. For me this is a martini that needs a twist rather than an olive, although the saltiness of an olive certainly brings out some great stuff in the CaoRunn.

My bottom line is I’d rather have this than Hendricks – another “scottish” gin designed and marketed for women – even though it costs more. On the other hand I’d also rather save $20 and have a Citadelle or a Tanqueray.

Nice gin, but not a home run.

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