Caorunn Gin

Because every now and then a man needs a martini… Tried out Cao Runn (pr. kow-roon) gin today. This is a “scottish” gin, meaning like many boutique distillers they’ve changed up the botanicals for some locals and kept some imports of the London Dry. In this case the Juniper is dialled well back as is… Continue reading Caorunn Gin

Tanqueray Bloomsbury Gin – First Look

If you aren’t a gin drinker (for shame!) you will only think of Tanqueray as the green bottle premium gin that has graced bars for the last half century plus. In the last two decades it has been eclipsed by Bombay Sapphire in popularity, mostly due to a bigger advertising budget. I drink both but… Continue reading Tanqueray Bloomsbury Gin – First Look

The Joy of a Gin & Tonic

I recently bought a bottle of Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin. For those of you not paying attention, artisan small batch gins have been springing up everywhere. Pricing ranges from normal-ish (~$30) to absurd ($100+). Aviation gin from Oregon has a huge following in America, as do various other small batch gins. In fact I have… Continue reading The Joy of a Gin & Tonic

Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition

Here’s the lineup from today’s (Aug. 30/13) CTV Noon show with Jeff and Trish. I brought on the Paddockwood summer brews, their Weiss beer and the Yakima dry hopped IPA. I am an IPA guy as I said on the show, but they also make a DopleWeiss for those of you who are diehard Hoegarden… Continue reading Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition