Tanqueray Bloomsbury Gin – First Look

If you aren’t a gin drinker (for shame!) you will only think of Tanqueray as the green bottle premium gin that has graced bars for the last half century plus. In the last two decades it has been eclipsed by Bombay Sapphire in popularity, mostly due to a bigger advertising budget. I drink both but I prefer the juniper in Tanqueray.

What neophytes need to know is that Tanqueray produces several gins. There is of course their No. 10, which aside from referencing the residence of the British Prime Minister (doubtless remembering the hogsheads of gin Sir Winston swallowed in and out of office) is an up market version, very intense, floral. Every time I drink it I think “Wow. this stuff is fabulous.” Then about a third of the way through the bottle, sometime in the course of a month or so, I think it is too cloying.

blog bloomsburyHowever Tanqueray also produces some limited releases like Malacca (Fruitier,a touch more bitter, and sweeter. Fabulous.), Rangpur(More citrus and aromatic. Equally fabulous.) and now Bloomsbury. All of these are worth seeking out and buying whenever you see them. If you don’t buy then, they’ll disappear from grasp for years at a time.

If ever there was a martini gin this one is it. The alcohol level is 47.5%, right up there with No. 10 and Special Dry (I haven’t seen this last one in years. May have been discontinued.) The palate is deep into juniper berry territory. (Think piney woods.)

While I buy basic Tanq over No. 10, I’d rather buy this any time. What’s more, local loyalties aside I’d buy it in a heartbeat over any number of similarly prices “artisanal” gins from boutique distilleries.

One last note. It’s only being released in a limited market, primarily up-scale bars and hotels in trendy places. You’ll have to hunt to get a bottle. Assuming you have good relationship with your local wine store, I’d beg and plead with them. And of course there is always the internet…

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