Spaghetti With Orange and Bacon Recipe

I found the original of this recipe in the WSJ. I immediately modified it to suit me. It scales easily from one to 8 persons. It took me, including prep time less than half an hour. If you did it for just one, less again. This is modified recipe from Betsy Andrews. The original was… Continue reading Spaghetti With Orange and Bacon Recipe

Spanish Rice Casserole

I was at a potluck with a few members of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Writers Circle the other night and I brought a casserole I’m quite fond of. A couple of members wanted the recipe so here is a) the easy version, b) the notes, and c) the version as served. The basic version is dead… Continue reading Spanish Rice Casserole

Poor Man’s Foie Gras

When I left home, my mother gave me a Betty Crocker cookbook. She knew I didn’t take advice well, but she also knew that when there was nothing else to read I had memorized the contents of toothpaste. I was broke, but accustomed to her (very good) food. I had to learn to cook. And… Continue reading Poor Man’s Foie Gras