Mulled (spiced) wine

Because there were a few callers curious about hot spiced wine (AKA Glogg, mulled wine)  Here are three variations on the theme. Simple Mulled Wine 1 tbsp Sugar 15 ml 1 cinnamon stick 2tsp grated lemon peel 10 ml 1 tbsp Curacao 15 ml 1 bottle red wine In non reactive saucepan combine sugar, wine,… Continue reading Mulled (spiced) wine

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Christmas Passion Eggnog

I call this drink Christmas Passion, having witnessed its efficacy first hand. This is a traditional recipe, the richest recipe I know, a surefire crowd pleaser.  This is about enough for four servings. 3 egg yolks ½ cup sugar 125 mls 2/3 cup dark rum 150 mls (I like Gosling’s but other people use amber rum,… Continue reading Christmas Passion Eggnog