Christmas Passion Eggnog

I call this drink Christmas Passion, having witnessed its efficacy first hand.

This is a traditional recipe, the richest recipe I know, a surefire crowd pleaser.  This is about enough for four servings.
3 egg yolks
½ cup sugar 125 mls
2/3 cup dark rum 150 mls (I like Gosling’s but other people use amber rum, brandy or Canadian Whisky.)
1/3 cup Kahlua liqueur (100 mls)
1 cup whipping cream 250 mls

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar.  Add the rum slowly, 15 mls at a time.  When it is smooth, fold in the whipping cream, unwhipped or very slightly whipped.  Pour into glasses, and grind a pinch of nutmeg (not too much!) on top.

If this seems too much for you, you can also make it lighter by using half and half cream (10% BF) or even skim milk.  You can also whip the egg whites and beat them in, to diminish the booze ratio if you like.  Personally, I advise to make the recipe as written.


  1. So I just listened to Gormley whine about having whipped cream in his eggnog. It’s not like he was going to drink a gallon of the stuff or all day long. You should have made him the full body version. I’m trying this recipe tonight and yes the cream will be flowing.

  2. The Full Throttle version was fabulous. You now have 2 more converts. I don’t think the store bought stuff will ever be in our house again.

  3. you know the amazing thing is, given how easy it is to make the real stuff, that anybody actually buys the commercial junk.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Now I am a Gormley fan AND a James fan! Thank you for one of lifes little pleasures!!

  5. James,
    Do you add the Kahlua and the rum at the same time? My husband and I LOVE this recipe but disagree when it’s best to add the kahlua. Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  6. You’re both right!

    I add the rum first because it’s thinner and a little easier to stir in at that point, but tastewise I doubt it makes any difference.

    Now kiss and make up! (That’s what Chrismas Passion is for you know…)

  7. Nope. You can add the whites if you like, to put some protein in, but the yolks are where the vitamins (and fat) are. IF you want to play around with the whites, separate the egg and beat the whites till semi-stiff then fold the custard (eggs and sugar) in.

    There really is no Wrong way to make this recipe. Fool around. It will always taste good.

  8. This recipe might just bring about peace on Earth! But the warning to be judicious about the amount of nutmeg made me smile. Certainly one doesn’t want to overdue it on the nutmeg!

  9. I use Fee Brothers bitters. I have seen them in Calgary and Toronto, but not locally, although this may have changed. I’d phone the 800 # and ask for the closest supplier. IF you end up buying on-line from the Brothers or elsewhere, make sure you buy a bottle of the aztec chocolate bitters and the grapefruit bitters too. These three have enormous uses – I use the grapefruit in pretty much all citrus cocktails. Rhubarb bitters is fun as well.

  10. I think so. If you want to go the creme de menthe route, I’d dial back the sugar in the original custard probably quite severely. Try half as much to begin with – it might be even more. Also the creme de menthe is somewhat overpowering. Mint bitters you’re adding one drop of the stuff. Creme de menthe I’d try adding a 1/4 tsp of it as a substitute. Or just drop the mint additive altogether and stick to the original recipe.

  11. Sorry,I found this recipe sickly sweet and not nearly Noggy enough..But you never know till you give it a try..Here’s a recipe that a friend gave me last year..In a large mixing bowl,empty 2 litres of Vanilla Ice Cream..Pour 6 cups of Strong Hot Coffee over it.Add 20 oz of Rum(whatever you like,I use Goslings) and 1 cup of Brandy.Do not mix at all.Cover with Saran Wrap and LEAVE on a counter-top 24 hours.Just before serving fold in 6 beaten eggs(optional,friend has never added the eggs but you could if you like)I made this last year and it was nice and yummy.A few close friends have also tried this and found it good.

  12. Totally with you on that. The mix for myself is half the sugar, and with skim milk. You can dial the sweetness in and out by adjusting the sugar and the kahlua and booze ratios. IN adding coffee to your recipe you are adding significant amounts of bitterness (a good thing: I drink my coffee strong and black) Essentially you have got cream and sugar (vanilla ice cream) in 8 parts: to 6 parts coffee: to 4 parts rum : 1 part cognac.

    It would taste great, and frankly I’d enjoy it. Left to my own devices I seldom eat/drink sugar or liqueurs. With this recipe in hand however I’m willing to bet I could modify my egg nog to please you. You are getting your vanilla from the ice cream, and your sugar from the same source. You’ve lowered the creaminess (no cream, and ice cream depending on brand is modest butterfat) and then watered the nog with coffee.

    In many ways I would call it a better drink, but I’d bet if I had you and half a dozen friends doing an AB test with my nog and yours mine would win. You and I might prefer the lower alk, more astringent version you make, but most folks adore the silky texture, and high sugar content of the original.

    Must get together and have a drink some time. Drop me a line.

  13. Merry Christmas James!! I’m going to see if I can work up enough holiday spirit (and energy) to head for the kitchen and create some solo nog for myself!! Hope to see you in 2015, and that the year will be supercalifragilistic for you!
    Hugs — Jean

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