The Return of the Cocktail

This has been coming for a decade.  Judging by the consumption at the wine show last week, wine and beer are out, and cocktails are in.  In a very big way.

Had some great ones.  A Ceasar with Bacardi Limon stood out.  The 10 year old Spanish brandy from Torres, made with the grapes used in Cava is a marvelous liquor.  Lighter than congac, a little more floral and acidic, this is a great buy at $30. 

Crown Royal has no intention of yeilding their title as the best selling Canadian Whisky in the world.   Last year they introduced Cask 16, a sauterne finished whisky that is a brilliant, light rye.  This year they rolled out XR, the end of the whisky from the Waterloo distillery (burned down in ’86 I think.  RIP)  Stronger and spicier rye than the typical CR product, it’s an excellent whisky.   Is it worth $150?  To the right drinker it sure is. 

I had a couple of decent Scotch, including about $100 worth of the Glenfiddich 40 year old.  An exceptional drink it is $2100 a bottle.  Is this worth it?  well not to me.  I still blink at paying $120 for Lagavullin.

But the craft distiller has come to Canada.  A vernon distiller is making Aquavit and Absinthe to some accolades.  A Calgary distiller (Orchi) is making fruit liquors, that are really a form of fruit vermouth sans the bitters.  A nice drop but needing a little something more to my taste. 

And highwoood distillers have relaunched Centennial Rye as a niche spirit.  doubtless more will come in the next few years

Stay tuned.

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