Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition

Here’s the lineup from today’s (Aug. 30/13) CTV Noon show with Jeff and Trish. I brought on the Paddockwood summer brews, their Weiss beer and the Yakima dry hopped IPA. I am an IPA guy as I said on the show, but they also make a DopleWeiss for those of you who are diehard Hoegarden… Continue reading Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition

Rogstad Valentine’s Day Drinks

If you’re looking for a great idea for sipping while nibbling on chocolate or other naughty bits, here’s three that should satisfy everyone. Firstly, as always open a bottle of bubbly! What can be more romantic than toasting your love with a fine glass of Canadian sparkling wine. This is a Chardonnay (i.e. blanc de… Continue reading Rogstad Valentine’s Day Drinks

Hopping Right Along

For those of you who spend more time drinking and less time wondering about why, hops is the ingredient that gives beer it’s astringent taste. It is also a preservative that keeps beer from going bad. Prior to hops various things were added, usually sugar (honey for mead, various fruit juices) but also marigold and… Continue reading Hopping Right Along

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Wine and Asian food

Asian food in general, and Thai in particular is murderously difficult to pair with wine. My fave with spicy food is Amontillado sherry served ice cold, but I’ve never yet found that on a menu. Jammy Australian wine works well. There’s no point in getting too expensive as the spice will overpower most wines. (Think… Continue reading Wine and Asian food