Jeff Rogstad, Pre Labour Day Banjo Bowl Edition

pw weiss ipa and Jeff Collinstad

Here’s the lineup from today’s (Aug. 30/13) CTV Noon show with Jeff and Trish. I brought on the Paddockwood summer brews, their Weiss beer and the Yakima dry hopped IPA. I am an IPA guy as I said on the show, but they also make a DopleWeiss for those of you who are diehard Hoegarden fans out there. (Alas I can’t show the beers on the blog as I drank them, and only have one of each left for pouring on the show. So there’s a vote of confidence for you!)

The bottles are unlabeled as is usual for Paddockwood’s seasonal brews.

Also a local-ish variation on the Tom Collins, that we nicknamed the Jeff Collinski on the air: Saskatoon’s own LB Distillery Gambit Gin, a half lime, some sugar and some soda! Easy peasy and easy easy drinking.

1. Slice lemon or lime in half.
2. Squeeze half into glass.
3. Add gin.
4. Add sugar to taste and stir.
5. Add soda water to taste. (Or if you’re REALLY lazy, use 7 Up or Sprite instead of steps 4 & 5)

Or get creative and substitute something completely different. We added Haskap liqueur also from LB distillers to make the quite pretty drink pictured below. Jeff Collinski

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