Let the Bells Ring Out and the Banners Fly!

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If you’re a fan of Portuguese wines (and who is not?) you are likely mostly in love with the Douro reds: big, plush, seductive wines that make California reds seem trivial. But the Portuguese have always made and enjoyed much lighter reds too. This makes great good sense as such wines are more drinkable in hot weather.

If you are a fan of lighter reds, like Bardolino, you absolutely MUST MUST MUST try Aya Charming, pictured at right. This is a wine that is absolutely stunning to drink and think about, a remarkable feat in an inexpensive, “fun”, drinking wine.

The tannins are so fine grained as to be invisible until you have some oily olives and a greasy sausage. Make no mistake this is a standup wine. The acidity is invisible. Except… Except… The roof of my mouth tingled.

Okay who tastes wine in the roof of their mouth, right? The guy is delusional.

Not true yer honour!

It took me a while to work this out. At first I thought it was carbonated but there is no wine more still than this. However that stimulation at the edge of the soft palate I associate with soda water and champagne. So what’s up?

No idea. Probably a combination of some kind of carbonic acid and tannin, but whatever the reason this is a tremendously stimulating and absolutely fascinating drink. I haven’t enjoyed a glass so much since my first glass of serious Chianti. (Thank you Mr. Deluca!)

Buy a case of this stuff, chill, and drink. It’s fabulous.

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