Cheap Wine for Winter!


My bank account is appalling

In debt I hate a-falling…

Everybody loves a deal.  And under the current conditions it seems merely prudent to do so.  Here are three inexpensive wines that can get you through the freeze.

In general all three nations offer great deals:  Spain, Portugal, and South Africa.  If you need to see labels like ‘Shiraz’ and ‘Merlot’ your best shopping in South Africa.  But if you are willing to give less well known varietals a try, I would recommend buying from the Iberian Penninsula.

Vila Regia is a Portuguese wine, from the same region and grapes as Port is made from.  Mellow, food friendly and eminently drinkable.

Sebeka is a blend of Pinotage and Cab Sauv, the Pinotage (Pinot Noir/Cinseault hybrid) mellowing out the wine, making it more food friendly, and more approachable.

The Solaz is a Tempranilla ( a la rioja) Cab Sauv blend, the tempranilla serving the same purpose as the Pinotage. 

Inexpensive Cabernet Sauvignon is often too tarry for people, which is why the less tannic Merlot is more popular…

Solaz is Spanish.

Sebeka is South African.  All of ’em are worth a try.

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