Civita al Fresco

Whiling Away an Afternoon
Whiling Away an Afternoon

Had a little time on our hands, and ended up having a very nice lunch at Civita in Winnipeg.

It’s casual dining, wood fired pizza, pasta, etc. but pleasing. They’re making an effort and are successful. Best of all they have a lovely tree-shaded back patio.

We had the eponymous Civita pizza (pesto, capicolla, carmelized onion, artichoke heart, sundried tomato, and brie) with salads.

The wine lis is a touch pedestrian but this is a trattoria, not fine dining: The patrons will seek comfort food, and comfort wine. But proof of my belief – they they’re trying – was to be found in a bottle of Vernaccia di San Gimingano. A great white for a summer day.

IF you find yourself in Winnipg in summer, I recommend Civita for casual dining.

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