Don David, cabernet sauvignon, Michel Torino, Argentina
Don David, cabernet sauvignon, Michel Torino, Argentina

Well the weather outside is frightful, but here it’s so delightful…


The balcony door froze shut yesterday, so no barbecuing till I defrost it, which might involve the weather getting about 15 degrees warmer.

I have a box of Aussie Shiraz sitting on the counter, the remnant of the first round of cheap wine tasting. Had a glass last night, and the dilithium crystals couldna’ take no more! Opened a glass of Don David Cab Sauv by michel torrino (round 2 cheap wine). A much better choice.

I think the overly fruity profile of Oz Shiraz and clones (eg. Rockblock Syrah, Oregon) is just about undrinkable. And it takes a lot for me to turn down even a cheap glass of wine. Mind you it does accompany spicy oriental style food better than ‘normal’ profile wines.

For my money Chinese/Thai et al should be offering ice cold sherry, particularly fino and amontillado with their dinners. But no one listens to me.

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