The Absolutely Best European Beer Label

delirium tremens sm
There are many things you can say about beers everywhere. And I have certainly heard from readers who disagree with my assessment of say, Coors Light.

Delirium Tremens is a Belgium strong amber ale that is almost uniformly loved the world over. I won’t address the quality of the brew (very high I think), but rather award DT the absolute best European Beer Label title!

From the Disney-esque marching aligators to the pink elephants (Disney has always had a rather more adult sensibility than many folks noticed – from “Pink Elephants on Parade” to the dancing lounge lizard Aligators.) to the tongue in cheek name, the Delirium Tremens Label is meant to be as much fun as the bottles contents.

And also notice the unique packaging. The beer is packaged in an opaque bottle figured to look like clay bottles and jugs of yore. This is the kind of packaging all serious beers deserve, saving the brew from sunlight and UV.

Anybody else got any great labels out there they’d like to nominate? I’m a sucker for Shawinigan Handshake, but haven’t seen a bottle for years…

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