Lime Beer… Summer’s latest greatest

The Undisputed Champion and a (doubtless successful) Challenger
The Undisputed Champion and a (doubtless successful) Challenger

I Imagine the folks at Budweiser are dancing around the office throwing money in the air this year.  From LA to St. John’s the flavour of the summer is BL Lime AKA Bud Light Lime.  To give you some idea of the magnitude of the phenom, it was selling out in Rome when I was there last week.

The demand has been so great here in Saskatoon this summer that it regularly sells out within hours of showing up on the loading dock.

Well the competition may be many things but they ain’t stupid.  The smaller breweries have used their much more manageable supply chains to bring their versions to the market. 

Out of curiousity I drank a couple today with John Gormley.  BL Lime is definitely an easy drinking fairly low alcohol (4%) beverage.  I’m not sure if I would want to call it beer.  The beer taste is well back.  Mind you it’s probably a great drink if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun:  the legacy of beer – th slightly bitter edge – will be more refreshing  than a sweet drink.

Minhas Lime beer tastes like a beer with a bit of lime added.  It would be more my choice for beer drinkers taking a walk on the wild side.

And of course I used my old favorite Red Stripe as a standard to drink against.  (Pilsner Urquell would be unfair.)  Also it is the source of controversy for the great Beer Summit at the Whitehouse…


  1. I like pretty much all decent quality beers, however I decided to try Minhas Lime after drinking BL lime for a few weeks. I thought, how much different could it be? Dear GOD…….Ravinder has out done himself….this Minhas Lime is probably the worst beer I have ever tasted. No Lime flavor, it tastes like ass, with some chemical added to it for “lime flavor”. Stop making beer, YOU SUCK AT IT. I want my 9 dollars back, you thief.

  2. Yeah. Your not alone on that idea. Frankly this stuff is aimed at seducing women away from coolers. Whether it works or not, I have no idea. BL Lime is a lot closer to a cooler than a beer.

    you can reach the brewmaster at
    if you want to send your comments on…

  3. Big Rock also has a beer with lime flavoring that is not that great either. Budweiser has them all beat.

  4. our BC friends call BL “bitchpop.” judging by the taste, they are right.

    we Americans were hurting for some real Canadian beer on our last visit. we had to take matters into our own hands.

  5. bud light lime is okay, but after 4 or 5 its pretty sickening, my hands down favorite beer, (aside from presidents choice pilsner) is minhas lime, its kinda like chewing on a lime peel while someones feeding you beer… i like it. no one else seems to at all tho, to the point that i only know one place that sells it… on the plus side the 6.25 for a 6 pack beats the hell outta the 13 they are charging for bud light lime

  6. Holy Shit! ARe you serious? $13 for Bud Lime! Limes cost $0.49 at the moment. Buy a knife, a lime, and a beer and DIY…

  7. I am not a lime beer fan but have recently tried the Miller Chill and was surprised that I enjoyed it. Yeah right it tastes like crap too, beer is naturally great leave it be.

  8. Lime beer is a scam..its all crap. If you want good beer check out the microbrews. Half pints (winnipeg) bushwakker(regina) wild rose(calgary) are all good examples.

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