Ham, glorious ham!

Sherry & Bayonne Ham
Sherry & Bayonne Ham

A few years ago, a friend of mine (Hi Freddy!) who represented sherries at the time, told me he had taken to coming home from work, sitting on the deck and having a bottle of sherry in an ice bucket, some olives and some cold sausage, and watching the sun go down.

It sounded good so I gave it a try.

He was right. sherry and nuts, sherry and cheese and sherry and coldcuts are a natural. I love fino with peanuts, but I especially love Amontillado with cold cuts. Being at my Dad’s place I picked up a new Sherry, Gran Barquero pictured above, with some Bayonne ham.

I’m not sure Bayonne ham is worth the premium (20%) over Serrano ham, but with sherry both are excellent. Give it a try.

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