Hawkes Bay Syrah!

I don’t know who is buying for Manitoba Liquor Marts but I suspect we could spend many happy hours drinking wine together.

I wandered through the Grant Park store today and saw several (!) Gimblett Gravels reds! I went to New Zealand a couple of years ago in pursuit of the Hawkes Bay reds. I had heard marvelous things about the Bordelais reds and I was not disappointed. They are extraordinary wines and any serious red drinker should seek them out.

I was completely taken by surprise by the Hawkes Bay Syrah, which for my money is the jewel in their crown. At last the Kiwis seem to be agreeing with me. Reviews for their Syrah are surfacing down under noting that this is a decent wine; and mirablis scriptu such a wine has surfaced in the Liquor Marts. elephant hill sm

If you want to know why I’m crazy about these wines start here. Elephant Hill is a winery that strikes me as waiting for disaster. They are on the edge of the ocean, maybe 3 meters above sea level, and sitting in their very elegant tasting room and restaurant (if you’re in the neighbourhood buy a meal) I could only shudder and hope I’m long dead before the next tsunami rolls in.

Hawkes Bay syrah is lean and slightly herbal and once you taste it you never forget it. Give it a try. If ever there was a wine deserving the adjective ‘elegant’ this is it.

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