The Blood Clot

The Blood Clot
The Blood Clot

Need a Canadian Halloween Cocktail? Here’s one with solid Sask cred.

Pour ginger beer in a tall glass (the better to see the clot). Add a jigger of rye. And then dribble in a half jigger of haskap liqueur.

The easiest way I know to add the liqueur carefully is with a turkey baster, or syringe, or eyedropper. Bartenders traditionally pour it over the back of a teaspoon. Halloween guests will particularly enjoy you administering the liqueur from a 50 ml veterinary syringe.

Bitters are also optional. I rather like a drop or two of orange bitters in this one.

Also you can get the Haskap Liqueur at LB Distillery on Avenue B. And of course you can watch me build one with Jeff Rogstad on the noon show on CTV.

The Blood Clot:

30 ml Canadian Whisky
15 ml Haskap Liqueur
Ginger beer to suit.
Orange Bitters.

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