The wine I suggested for Christmas dinner is Lambrusco. It’s a wine pretty much in disrepute among wine snobs, and if you are thinking monster reds and collectors, for good reason. However it can be a very pleasant drink, that goes with just about all foods, and the touch of sweetness means everyone in the room can enjoy it.

Lambrusco is a grape variety and is often turned into a dry or semi-sweet, medium bodied, wine with frizzante to spumante levels of fizziness.

Goes great with spicy food. Serve it chilled. It’s inexpensive and an all round great drink for Christmas dinner. It’s also low alk – 8.5% – which means you can drink all night long without passing out.

This one cost about $18, but at least a couple of bucks of that are presentation – the traditional champagne cork and wire cage. The cheaper lambrusco with crown seals (the old pop bottle cap) are often just as good, and can be had for as little as $5. Many of them however are sweeter than the Re Gusto pictured above.

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