Life on the Road 3 – Sandhill Winery

An amazing day of tasting.

Sandhill Winery is growing – among other things – Sangiovese and Barbera which they release in their small lots series.  Tremendous buys all of them at around the $30 mark.

Had lunch with Howard Soon, Sandhill’s winemaker, at Burrowing Owl.  The view is amazing, the food equal to it.  (Salmon and ricotta gnocchi and roasted golden beet, then asparagus nage with truffle oil.  Main was lamb sirloin with a grilled onion chiffonade.)

Drank a Burrowing Owl Cabernet Franc with lunch.  It’s nice, but for my money it still needs to be blended.  (A rare miss by a vineyard that does everything right.)

After that wandered the vineyards with Howard.  Obvious frost damage from the deep cold this winter in spots.  Curiously, his sangiovese and barbera vines were unaffected.

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