Sairey Gamp’s Summer Tomato Linguine

Leftovers, except, alas, no more Tavel
Leftovers, except, alas, no more Tavel

Here’s the kind of thing you can do with fresh herbs and fruit.
Saute a diced onion (we used a vidalia last night)
Add a couple of diced celery stalks to the onions and cook a bit more.
Add as many sliced drained olives as suits (we add about 1/2 cup).
Add three medium tomatos chopped, and maybe 20 full sized leaves of fresh basil, chopped.
Stir a couple more minutes but do NOT overcook.

Serve over about 3/4 of a pound (dry weight) of linguine.

We had a Tavel with ours. A very nice wine though somewhat overpriced these days. I’d probably recommend a nice rosada or other grenache based rosado from the Rhone.

Take this recipe and run with it. We threw in about a quarter pound (150 g.) of fiddleheads last night and the result was inspired.

By the way the easiest way to get the basil is keep a pot or two growing around the place.

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