Whats Wrong With This Picture
What's Wrong With This Picture

So what’s wrong with this picture. Bottle of wine: check. Catchy label:check. Screwtop: check…

Hey wait a minute here! This wine is from Portugal! Didn’t they pass a law that all Portuguese wine had to be corked with the real thing?

It makes sense. Portugal produces about 90% of the world’s cork. Their cork forests serve as great parkland for birds and animals. And for the most part they’ve licked the TCA and TCB contamination that did cork closure’s reputation so much harm.

Well this is an inexpensive ($10) red, with a great nose and palate (spicy/fruity). I suspect the preservation of that fruity palate is due at least in part to steel closure.

Still, I’d hate to see the passing of the cork forests. and my corkscrew. I guess I’m just a romantic….

ps. ignore the green ‘2’ on the label. I put that there organizing the wines after a blind tasting.

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  1. I have an old friend who now works in a winery in Australia. She’s had it with screw tops. They’ve almost totally eliminated the need for winery staff to run extensive taste tests on each new bottle before they serve the guests.

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