Treating the common cold

hot toddyWell I’ve got one of those horrible head colds / sinus infections that make me feel like hell: Throat burns. Sinus aches and I’ve got about enough energy to open an envelope.

One thing I’ve found that makes me feel a lot better is hot toddy. You can make them with pretty much any liquor. Essentially they’re hot water, booze, sugar and a squeeze of lemon. This version actually breaks through my taste buds. Makes you sweat like a meth addict mind you, but that may be good for you.

4 parts hot water
1 part vodka or rum or Canadian whisky
1 part Saskatoon liqueur
honey or sugar to taste (1 – 2 tsp)
1 wheel of lemon or lime.

The Saskatoon berry liquour comes from LB Distillery. I imagine you could sub in crème de cassis.

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