Vodka that Saves!

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Well the world of alcohol is full of all sorts of interesting claims but this is a completely new one on me. It may possibly be true.

Bellion Distilling of NJ, has started producing a line of alcohol, that they call “functional spirits.” The booze is infused with a patented substance called NTX, more on which later. For the moment the Vodka is the only one available, and then only in MA, RI, CT, TX.

The claim to fame is that NTX provides some degree of protection to the liver from the ravages of alcohol. The leader of the inventing research team, Hartha Chigurupati of the eponymous firm Chigurupati Technologies has actually run some scientific studies comparing the liver enzymes of drinkers with and without drinking his NTX infused alcohol.

To cut to the chase you have three liver enzymes, which will be closely monitored by your doctor if you are on harsh medications or have told the doc the truth about your alcohol consumption. (Near as I can tell virtually everyone lies and says they only drink “occasionally, you know, maybe a couple of glasses of wine a week.”) When I pressed Dr. Chigurupati for an example he told me the following.

The research sample were instructed to drink to a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) 0.12 nightly for two weeks. Their enzyme levels were measured before and after. They were then given two weeks off to recover, and the process was repeated but this time the alcohol was infused with NTX. I picked (arbitrarily as I’m no physician) on the GGT numbers. Dr. Chigurupati said during the first drinking session, a person with a GGT level of 23, saw that level climb to 35. Drinking the vodka with NTX two weeks later their GGT levels only climbed to 24.

Obviously this is a huge breakthrough for most drinkers. However it is unlikely to be allowed in the advertising as governments will see the ingredient NTX as offering drinkers protection when over-drinking, and therefore encourage over-drinking.

I haven’t tasted the vodka. Bellion promises to come out with a Bourbon, Tequila as well soon.

Over to y’all gentle readers. I can’t see how the addition of NTX will hurt, and if it helps I’m all for it.

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