Zombie Brain Cocktail


Here’s a great Halloween Cocktail as featured on Jeff Rogstad today at noon.

You need a clear liqueur, fairly sweet and ideally cold. I used Sambuca and keep it in the freezer till the party is over.

Squeeze a slice of lime into the liqueur, and then slowly – I use an eyedropper with the tip just touching the Sambuca – add the Baileys. I used Bailey’s new Biscotti flavour here. USE BAILEYS! Most of the other cream liqueurs have less fat and therefore are more dense and won’t float.

A couple of drops of grenadine finishes it off.

1 oz. Sambuca cold 25 ml
1/2 oz Baileys Biscotti 15 ml
Squeeze of lime juice


  1. Would Creme De Cacao work instead of Sambuca? I like Sambuca well enough but have some friends that do not.

  2. Creme de Cacao would work, as would cointreau. It just needs to be a high specific gravity to float the Baileys. Any liqueur will work, but the clear liqueurs look the best. You may want to fiddle with which Baileys flavour you use if you swap out the Sambuca flavour. Disaronna would work too.

    The key ingredients are:
    a high specific gravity liqueur (i.e. SWEET!!)
    some lime juice to curdle the Baileys
    Baileys because it is very light weight.

  3. I got the Grenadine at a Supermarket, Safeways but you can find it at pretty much any grocery. Sambuca and Bailey’s are widely available, although the Biscotti flavour may not be yet. (Sub in your fave flavour… you may want to swap for Cointreau depending on flavour chosen.) Obviously depending on your jurisdiction you need to go to a liquor store for these. In Saskatchewan, the larger liquor stores should have both as will most of the small ones: They’re very popular.

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