Saskatchewan Cocktails

Saskatoon has been berry berry good to me
The various liqueurs available at LB Distillers has had me modifiying any number of traditional cocktail recipes. (cloudberry gimlet anyone?)

Here’s a couple that I’ve been playing with that seem quite decent.

Saskatoon Sunrise

2 Parts OJ
1 Part Gambit Gin
a dollop of Saskatoon Liqueur

You can drink it straight; I prefer it cut with soda water, which spoils the aesthetic of the straight version. I often squeeze in a slice of lime as I find the sugar of the OJ kind of cloying.

Saskatoon Berry Fizz

2 Parts Gin
1/2 part Saskatoon Liqueur
1 part egg white

Shake vigorously or blend and pour. Then in the glass add about as much Sprite as gin. The aeration of the soda will cause the fizz to foam.

A squeeze of lemon seems nice with it to me.

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