It’s an odd business being a ‘public’ figure.  Honestly I didn’t think I was one, nor that I would become one.  I mean I write a wine column for gods sake!

Anyway, today I had one of those encounters that happens regularly these days:  I’m at the checkout in Sobeys, buying a couple of cans of baby clams, a stem of celery, a potato, a can of tomatoes (guess what’s for lunch) and the woman ahead of me, before picking up her bags, says “So what wine is for supper?”

I am temporarily flummoxed.  “Good question,” I say. I pause for thought.  She indicates a need to go.(apparently she didn’t expect this question to take time.)  I indicate probably French.    Then I ask her what she drinks.  Sebeka, it turns out, Cabernet Pinotage.

No shame in that.  A great all purpose inexpensive red.  I suggested she take a bottle of Pink! to her party tonight.  She doesn’t drink sparkling wine!  Quelle Horreur!

I can only change so many people, one at a time.


  1. Yep. It’s a widely distributed Australian sparkling wine, by YellowGlen.

    YellowGlen is the biggest producer of Oz sparklers, and they purpose packaged the wine to get the kicky young women to buy it.

    As a fan of just about all Oz sparklers, I’m a fan of the wine, although it’s no better than Freixinet’s Brut de Noir. (Actually I prefer brut de noir)

    But it IS a really nice wine, that – being a rose – is also tremendously food friendly and goes with just about everything.

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