Stellar’s Jay & Aging Bubbly

We had a solstice party last night, and as is our wont opened a bottle of bubbly. I’ve had this bottle of Stellar’s Jay the Pinot Blanc sparkling wine from Sumac Ridge for a few years now. I’m pretty sure I picked it up around ’09 from the winery. Anyway, it’s a 2007 vintage. For… Continue reading Stellar’s Jay & Aging Bubbly

Henry of Pelham Wine Club

I’ve long been a fan of Henry of Pelham’s wines. They offer excellent value for the money and some of the better bottles are downright fantastic. If you think you might enjoy their wines, the winery offers a new wine club, including a prestige membership where any visit to the winery gets you a glass… Continue reading Henry of Pelham Wine Club

Interior Design and Bubbly

So I spent most of yesterday afternoon putting together a new shelving unit, for the office. It goes well with the tres cool Hermann Miller desk. The unit is a Blu Dot Chicago 8 if you care. I quite recommend Blu Dot stuff based on this (our only Blu Dot) piece. Celebrated with a bottle… Continue reading Interior Design and Bubbly