Guacamole and Red Wine ?!?!??

So what do you drink with guacamole?

This time of year the avocados are pouring into the stores. Who can resist them? And anyway, they’re good for you.

The rich (i.e. fatty or oily) nature of the fruit overpowers just about evrything. My instinct was a brisk sauvignon blanc but it couldn’t cut it with my guacamole. (very basic. see below)

I tried a basic pays d’oc, fairly tannic, and it worked surprisingly well. A nice bitter might work too. I then tried my go-to wine for weird foods, Amontillado, chilled to 5 degrees (40 C). This is a better combo, but still nothing to stand up and sing about.

So give it try. You might like the taste of red and guacamole. I’d start cheap though. No point in knocking back a bottle of Cheval Blanc and discovering you disagree with me.

Basic Guacamole

– 2 medium avocados
– 1/2 a RIPE lime
– a clove or 3 of garlic
– 1/2 a medium sized sweet onion diced

peel the avocados, press the garlic, juice the lime, add the diced onion. I pulverize using a pestle. Then eat.

Some people add tomato, some hot peppers, (tobasco sauce works) some add tomatillo. If adding the latter you may want to dial back the lime. If the lime is dry I often add juice from both halves, but I like some acidity in life.

Bon apetite.

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